Free Aeroshot Sample

free aeroshot sample

There’s no shortage of ways to blast energy into your body, and if you’re one of those people always on the hunt for the next (legal) supplement, check out this free Aeroshot sample.

As far as I can tell from the website, Aeroshot looks like either a tube of lipstick, or that weird future drug from New jack City. It’s not a drink, but a powder and I’d recommend ingesting this thing the old fashioned way. That’s with your mouth.

If you want your Aeroshot free sample, you have to be at least 18 years old, but that seems like part of the allure with this product. Anytime you see an age requirement with an energy product, you know it means business.

Apparently, you can get a free Aeroshot sample by submitting yourself for a code request on the website. From what I’ve been reading the offer tends to come and go, so take some time to explore the site if this energy supplement sounds like it might be your thing.

If the free sample offer isn’t still around when you visit, be sure to get on the email list, because you never know when they might start offering samples again. Even when there are no samples available, the promotions are pretty decent and at least you’ll save some cash on your purchase.

Harvard Professor and aging hipster David Edwards invented Aeroshot. According to the official website, he created something called ArtScience Labs and I’m willing to guess that’s where this energy powder was created.

To learn more about this product and what it’s all about, head over too the Aeroshot home page. There’s all kinds of information about this weird, but popular energy powder and you can decide for yourself whether and adults-only energy supplement is right for you.


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